Serpenti Collection



We created our first Serpenti jewel in the 1940s. Ever since, Serpenti has become an icon that shines brightly in the history of luxury jewelry. As it evolves, the collection remains distinctive in its design, versatile and boldly elegant.

Coiled around the history of humanity, the seductive serpent dates back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. A motif representing wisdom, vitality, and the circle of life, seduction, the snake has charmed exotic beauties from Cleopatra to the Bulgari woman, and empowered them with its magnetism. With a hypnotic brilliance of colour and a lithe wearability, the Serpenti woman embodies a sensual elegance: she is the modern-day queen of the Nile.


Iconic and exotic, Serpenti charms and empowers with its magnetism. Discover our new Serpenti ring’s tale in the new video created by Italian artist Virgilio Villoresi: a hide and seek game of undeniable temptation in Rome


Encircled with legend, the seductive serpent is wound tight with the history of humanity. Renowned for the ability to hypnotize its prey, this skill is attributed to no other animal – the snake is famous for a means of seduction. Bulgari, master of the aesthetic, is known to possess this same power. Serpenti Seduttori designs ensnare the hypnotism in the gaze of a serpent, or of a beautiful woman – as her magnetic look can hold a power as incomparable as it is unconquerable.