monete collection

First introduced by Bulgari in the ’50s, Monete is a signature collection known for its classic elegance. A piece of jewelry need not be limited to diamonds and precious gemstones, it could be made beautiful and precious by ancient coins because of their age and rarity. Each piece comes with a certificate attesting to the coins’ authenticity, as well as their age and origin. They also made sure that each piece features only coins from a particular empire and era. Bulgari’s designers made sure that only ancient coins in their pristine condition are used. Each coin is carefully set by hand, owners are assured that these relics from the past will last.


REF 354324

18K Rose Gold set with Antique Roman Coin


REF 346335

18K Yellow Gold with Ancient Silver Roman Coins


REF 346411

Exotic Skin Cuff Bracelet with Yellow Gold and Ancient Silver Coins