Bulgari Launches Le Gemme Collection


Bvlgari launches Le Gemme Collection, its first High Parfumerie collection of luxury perfumes inspired by semi-precious stones and their historical trade routes.

The six fragrances include Lilaia (peridot; shown), Ashlemah (amethyst), Amarena (tourmaline), Noorah (turquoise), Maravilla (citrine), and Calaluna (moonstone). All six were developed by perfumer Daniela Andrier.

The shape of the bottle is inspired by antique Greek and Roman amphoras. 


Amarena ~ tourmaline, a fruity floral with tuberose and powdery rose.

Ashlemah ~ amethyst, with lavender, iris, violet and heliotrope.

Calaluna ~ moonstone, with sandalwood, cardamom, heliotrope, ambrette and pear. 

Lilaia ~ peridot, a fresh woody fragrance with mastic, peppermint, orange and mate.

Maravilla ~ citrine, a chypre with citrus, as well as peach, jasmine and patchouli.

Noorah ~ turquoise, with galbanum, cardamom, iris, benzoin, tobacco, oak, patchouli and vanilla.


All fragrances are available at the Flagship boutique, at 730 Fifth Ave, New York.