History of Bulgari Watchmaking expertise


Although the company had created and sold pocket, lapel, and wrist watches for men and women throughout its history, Bulgari did not introduce a major collection of its timepieces until the late 1970s. The year 1977 saw the creation of the Bulgari Bulgari, with a double engraved logo on the perfect cylindrical section, which became the company's most recognized and highest selling watch. In the 1980s, Bulgari remained in the high position of the jewelry market, expanding itself by opening several other stores throughout the world: Munich, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

In year 2000 The Bulgari Group has acquired 100 % of Gerald Genta SA, Daniel Roth SA, Swiss leaders in high-end watch making, and Manufacture de haute horlogerie SA, the owner of the related manufacturing facilities. By buying two brands renowned for their complicated and collectors' watches, Bulgari combined their important know-how in high complicated watch making with its great experience in the watch business acquired in the past 25 years. 

Daniel Roth claimed an amazing pedigree in the exclusive world of watch. Every true watch collector and connoisseur knows Daniel Roth. All watches are made completely by hand with all the individual components made in their own workshop in Le Sentier, Switzerland. Every watch can spends virtually months in the hands of these exceptional craftsmen who meticulously assemble these intricate creations and then inspect the calibration and precision of the movement thereby producing a product of impeccable quality.

Bulgari has decided to merge the cutting-edge skills of our Gérald Genta and Daniel Roth Manufacture in Le Sentier with the prestigious image of Bulgari, a strong name in the world of luxury. While preserving their technical and aesthetic qualities, the Daniel Roth and the Gérald Genta timepieces will from now be fully integrated into the collection of the Bulgari Brand. This alliance is sealed on the new watch creations, where the Bulgari Brand is featured along with the Gérald Genta and Daniel Roth logos.

Bulgari watchmaking now has a strong presence in the high-end and grandes complications.

Some emblematic models by BULGARI