This Year's high jewelry Pop Up Shop: introducing Festa collection


The pop up shop in Manhattan was a gathering of friends and new customers exploring new treasures for the holiday.


Bulgari Watch Masterclass a Success!


The October 18th Bulgari Masterclass with Andrea Granalli, BULGARI High End Watch director from Rome, was a successful evening for watch lovers, connoisseurs and collectors. Be sure to check the blog often for more exciting events.

Bulgari introduces the Octo Finissimo Automatic

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On the occasion of the BaselWorld 2017, the house of Bulgari introduced the Octo Finissimo Automatic, a spectacular new model that sets a third world record for Bulgari. Following in the footsteps of the Tourbillon and the Minute Repeater, the new model once again pushes the boundaries in watchmaking by being the slimmest ultra-thin self-winding watch on the market to date.

Bulgari Octo Automatic arrives in a recognizable paradoxical case - the union of octagonal and round shapes. After gold and steel, the case and dial are now crafted in titanium, featuring a sandblasted finish. So as to guarantee the legibility, the hands and hour-markers are coated with a black PVD treatment. Bulgari Octo Automatic is available with an alligator leather strap or a titanium bracelet.

Octo Finissimo is a self-winding watch equipped with a platinum micro rotor. Faithful to the simple and restrained Finissimo DNA, the Octo Finissimo Automatic is a slender, elegant timepiece, created by miniaturizing existing elements by conceiving and designing them right from the scratch. While the rotor is made of platinum, the rest of the approximately 130 components of the Calibre BVL 138 movement are made from titanium. The movement beats at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and has a 60-hour power reserve. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters.

Octo Finissimo Titanium 5th Avenue limited edition features digit “5” on the face and inscription on the back of the watch.

Same case and movement as our best-selling Octo Finissimo Titanium

-        Limited edition of 15 (‘1 out of 15’ etched on the side of the case)

-        Available to ship from October 6th


-        $14,900

History of Bulgari Watchmaking expertise

Although the company had created and sold pocket, lapel, and wrist watches for men and women throughout its history, Bulgari did not introduce a major collection of its timepieces until the late 1970s. The year 1977 saw the creation of the Bulgari Bulgari, with a double engraved logo on the perfect cylindrical section, which became the company's most recognized and highest selling watch. In the 1980s, Bulgari remained in the high position of the jewelry market, expanding itself by opening several other stores throughout the world: Munich, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

In year 2000 The Bulgari Group has acquired 100 % of Gerald Genta SA, Daniel Roth SA, Swiss leaders in high-end watch making, and Manufacture de haute horlogerie SA, the owner of the related manufacturing facilities. By buying two brands renowned for their complicated and collectors' watches, Bulgari combined their important know-how in high complicated watch making with its great experience in the watch business acquired in the past 25 years. 

Daniel Roth claimed an amazing pedigree in the exclusive world of watch. Every true watch collector and connoisseur knows Daniel Roth. All watches are made completely by hand with all the individual components made in their own workshop in Le Sentier, Switzerland. Every watch can spends virtually months in the hands of these exceptional craftsmen who meticulously assemble these intricate creations and then inspect the calibration and precision of the movement thereby producing a product of impeccable quality.

Bulgari has decided to merge the cutting-edge skills of our Gérald Genta and Daniel Roth Manufacture in Le Sentier with the prestigious image of Bulgari, a strong name in the world of luxury. While preserving their technical and aesthetic qualities, the Daniel Roth and the Gérald Genta timepieces will from now be fully integrated into the collection of the Bulgari Brand. This alliance is sealed on the new watch creations, where the Bulgari Brand is featured along with the Gérald Genta and Daniel Roth logos.

Bulgari watchmaking now has a strong presence in the high-end and grandes complications.

Some emblematic models by BULGARI

September Sapphire

Elizabeth Taylor was a lifelong fan of Bulgari Jewels.

Elizabeth Taylor was a lifelong fan of Bulgari Jewels.


There are seven jewels - from the Elizabeth Taylor’s personal collection - are now part of the Bulgari’s Heritage Acquired by Bulgari in 2011 at the auction of Elizabeth Taylor jewellery at Christie’s New York, which remains the most valuable sale of jewellery in auction history, the pieces were among Taylor's most treasured possessions.

My favorite ones are two jewels that she got for her 40th Birthday - The Art Deco style Sapphire and diamond sautoir is set with a sugarloaf cabochon sapphire weighing 52.72 carats. The Trombino ring was added to her collection a bit later as the perfect complement to the sautoir.


A lifelong fan of Bulgari, Taylor made many trips to the famous Via Condotti boutique in 1962 while filming Cleopatra in Rome. With a love affair with Richard Burton blooming on set, they would head to the store to escape the paparazzi - and try on the jewels. “Undeniably one of the biggest advantages to filming Cleopatra in Rome was Bulgari’s shop. I used to visit Gianni Bulgari in the afternoon and we’d sit and swap stories,” she recalled.

Famously extravagant with his gifts, Burton showered Elizabeth Taylor with Bulgari jewellery during their time together. From her much-loved emerald engagement ring, known as the "Taylor Burton fiancée ring", to the huge emerald and diamond necklace worn by Taylor on her wedding day, her love of jewellery was legendary. Accompanied by a very discerning eye, Bulgari's bold, beautifully made jewels were the perfect match for a woman who was as impressed by craftsmanship as she was by carats.

Taylor and Burton's tempestuous relationship came to an end in 1976, but the actress' appreciation for the Italian jeweller never wavered. "The only word in Italian Liz knows is Bulgari” Burton used to joke.


The Bulgari Lucea Embraces Roman Mosaics

Presented at the same time as the two new Bulgari Maserati models, it would have been easy to overlook the two new Lucea Mosaic timepieces.

Except for the light dazzling my eyes…

Lucea Mosaic in 18K Pink Gold (Photo by Joy Corthesy)

Lucea Mosaic in 18K Pink Gold (Photo by Joy Corthesy)

Lucea Mosaic in 18K White Gold (Photo by Joy Corthesy)

Lucea Mosaic in 18K White Gold (Photo by Joy Corthesy)

The Roman Empire was the height of the artistry of mosaic, and Italy and Switzerland have many incredibly preserved examples of this complex and vibrant art form.

Now, Bulgari has added mosaic metier d’art, this most Roman of art forms, to its Lucea collection. The name Lucia means “light,” and these new Mosaic timepieces demonstrate amazing craftsmanship as each of the 700 gold squares on the dial are placed by hand on individual grains of sand so that the squares catch and reflect the light in incredible ways.

Individual grains of sand? Really?


Taken directly from Bulgari’s Lucea Mosaic press release: “But just how does one place 0.84mm of gold in a slanting position? Here too, the technique stems from extreme artisanship: beneath each of the precious metal tiles lies a…grain of sand that serves to achieve the slightly oblique position. Once in place, the 700 mirror-polished gold fragments form a surface which, when caressed, reveals infinitely small bumps that serve to generate the desired shimmer. Needless to say, after two days of work, each of the dials is absolutely unique.”

And the effect is stunning, with the timepieces, one in 18K pink gold and the other in 18K white gold, catching the light and reflecting it back from all angles. Mesmerizing and incredibly beautiful.


The new Lucea Mosaic are not limited editions, but they are certainly limited production, as it takes two painstaking days to create each timepiece.

Powered by an automatic Bulgari movement, these 33mm timepieces are also adorned with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds, (1.79ct) on the bezel and lugs, and they come on a brown or black galuchat strap.

“We thought that celebrating Lucea through the Roman art of mosaic was a way to enhance the Lucea,” says Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO, Bulgari. “Each and every single dial is cut and assembled manually, which I really love. We start delivering the Lucea Mosaic watches in October.”

Though I was invited to the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva to see the new Bulgari Octo Maserati timepieces, the Lucea Mosaic was certainly a surprise and delight, and further proof of Bulgari’s commitment to risk-taking and innovation.




Bulgari has began its partnership with Maserati in 2012. Two new creations Octo Maserati watch models – GranSport and GranLusso – were officially presented on September 12th at the Frankfurt motor show alongside Maserati. 



The new Octo models specially developed with Maserati to symbolically embody these shared mechanics of excellence: the two Octo Maserati models are reserved for owners of a car bearing the Trident brand emblem, and will be available only in Bulgari Boutiques. They feature retrograde minutes and jumping hours displays, expressed through an aesthetic evoking the style codes of Maserati cars.
The striking and spectacular dial effect is intended to recall the rev counter of a real Maserati

The first is the GranSport version in black DLC-treated carbon. The dial is black, while the indications – numerals, hour-markers, counters – and the hands are silver-toned and blue. It proudly proclaims its contemporary strength and avant-garde design.


The second is the GranLusso in 18kt pink gold. While its dial is also black, the entire set of hands and indications are in pink gold – a precious and refined touch from Bulgari the jeweller.



The Divas' Dream


Inspired by the sensual lines of the female silhouette, Divas' Dream reflects every radiant facet of a woman. We captured the colors and ancient mosaics of Caracalla with this sophisticated, graceful, and dreamy collection.


Our shimmering Divas' Dream collection captures the glamour, exalts the grace, and reflects the radiance of modern-day Divas. Dating back to the Dolce Vita era, the collection still embodies the ultimate in Italian femininity


The modern-day Diva is effortlessly elegant and chooses the iconic Divas' Dream shape for its distinctive simplicity and lucky dose of sparkle.


Masterfully crafted, the arches of Divas’ Dream Gioco e Vanità reflect the patterned mosaics of the imperial Baths of Diocletian. Inspired by the peacock, a symbol of beauty, pride, vanity, and rebirth, this precious necklace shines with vibrant color.


Gracefully outlining the silhouette of each gemstone and highlighting its sensual curves, Divas' Dream jewelry creations embrace a mystery known exclusively to those within BVLGARI. Each stone is a distinct message of rebirth inspired by ancient mosaics and reshaped into illustrious, enchanting motifs.

Click here to download the Divas Dream Brochure.